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AppleVerb    Tube-Driven Reverb


American Brown Series

Center Volume Control Layout

Faithful Recreation of a Classic American Amp
Hand wired chassis - Built like the originals

Finger Jointed Pine Brown Tolex Cabinet – Sized from an Original

Oxblood Grill Cloth

Handmade circuit board of vulcanized fiberboard and brass eyelets

Choice Cloth Wire colored in all the correct places
Allen Bradley Carbon Composition Resistors
Mallory 150 Coupling Capacitors - Outer Foil Oriented

JJ Filter Capacitors

Tube amp doctor electrolytic Capacitors

Vintage style Brown footswitch - Tremolo

Each Amp is Made one by one with Passion and Attention to Detail

  • 2 x 6L6GC Power Tubes

  • Solid State Rectified

  • 5 x 12AX7 Pre Amp Tubes

  • Circuit fiveGseven

  • 3 x C10Q Style Speaker – Eminence or Jensen 

  • American Made Transformers (Power –Reverb- Output)

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