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this is what you're saying about bad apple amps


~ Marc Gordon

Perth, WA, Australia

I was talking to Steve, the owner and maker of Bad Apple amps, about 4 years ago.

I said I'd love to own a 60's Princeton amp but how can anyone afford one when they do come up for sale.

Well … 4 years later I am the very proud owner of Steves hand built, hand wired, Bad Apple version ,the Prince Apple Reverb!

I've played through a LOT of amps over my 50 plus years, as a pro musician in the land down under, and I'm telling you this is up there with the best. Every guitar I plug in brings out the character of the guitar. It just sings and I'm always getting asked, “How do you get that sound out of that little amp”.

Put pedals in front and man they come alive. The reverb is brilliant and the Tremolo is so musical. I'm one very happy chappy.

Thanks SO MUCH Steve – you are a legend!


I have owned practically every Marshall model, and clone built. Wizard, Splawn, Germino, you name it. Nothing ever had the tone and gain availability I was seeking. I play mostly hard rock and older metal.  His attention to detail in replicating the original Fender amps is amazing, and the work is meticulous. He built me a custom 2204 50 watt clone in an offset chassis. Not only did he handcraft the aluminum chassis, but everything else was stunning, down to the face plate he handmade for me. And the sound and tone? I’ve never owned the amp I was looking for until he built this one. Absolutely hands down what I wanted. It was like he read my mind. If you want meticulous quality, plus the tone you are looking for, you’ve found it here. He can build it for you.

Jeff McMurray - Texas, USA


"I can't thank you enough as each and every time I use the amp I'm amazed at how great it sounds.  You've truly captured the vision of the sound I was looking for in my mind's ear.  And it's a gorgeous amp to look at too. Thanks again!"

Claude LaForest - Maximus Sound

Vancouver, Canada

"Going to check out the Bad Apple Deluxe was kinda of a "fell out of the sky" thing, but when I played my first chord through the amp I knew that instant I was buying it. Everything after that was just for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment; a wonderfully rich and detailed sound, full of great harmonics and overtones, just like what I've heard on thousands of records. No need to scour the earth and your bank account to look for and buy a vintage deluxe, this Bad Apple sounds and feels better than anything I've heard or imagined!"

Pavel Lazic - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Bad apple amps are literally the finest amps I've ever seen or heard. Like a perfectly restored old car at Barrett Jackson ,Steve's clones are literally better than the originals… Attention to detail is second to none..and they sound incredible!. Steve also restored by 67 Marshall plexi face plate and it's perfect. With a three-year warranty and Steve Kambeitz a phone call away… There's no better choice for that perfect vintage look and sound!​

Greg Cox -Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Chris Walsh -Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Steve's workmanship and attention to detail are second to none.

Every time I use the Bandmaster at a show, the other guitarists and sound guys are always quizzing me about how I get "that" tone. His refurbish of my dad's Gibson GA40 amp was amazing. From what I have seen of his own creations, anyone who is looking for a unique and beautiful rig should look him up!

Tim Herman - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Steve has looked after my vintage amps like no one ever. His attention to details on his clones is amazing - Leo would be proud!

Gary Beatty

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Whether I’m recording or playing live Bad Apple amps has me covered!  From low to absurd volume, and clean to straight up nasty, these amps deliver!   Steve is a great guy to deal with, and this dude knows awesome tone!!!   He’s breathed new life into other vintage amps I own that I never thought possible!   Thank you so much Steve!!   For sure a Bad Apple amps customer for life!!!

Cole Olsen - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Imagine being able to get in a time machine and go back in time and buy your dream vintage amp brand new. Well that's what my Bad apple amp is like for me. What I hear in a lot of current day circuit board amps is that harsh Ice pick top end that I can't stand. This of course is nonexistent in my Bad apple.

Brad Lindberg - Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

This BadApple cabinet is responsible for getting the sweet tone I hear in my head to the AWESOME tone I hear ( and feel!) on stage! Built with the speakers I wanted, the look I wanted and thanks to Steve, a construction quality and attention to detail that truly is second to none! The compliments I’ve had on my tone since incorporating this cabinet into my rig are further proof of what I already know.... this cab ROCKS!! Thanks, BadApple!

Dan Howard - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

" As an amateur guitarist and enthusiast for 25 years, I was looking for something with better sound then the multiple practice amps I had previously played with. After a brief discussion with Stephen, he began to build my amp. WOW..... I can still play practice level tones and when wanted, let the nieghborhood know. The tones are fantastic from clean to overdrive. I hadn't heard the extreme difference between my Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez until I plugged into this amp. The whole process was Top notch. thanks Steve."

Ryan Rae - Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

Norm Anderson

-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Steve beautifully hand-wired my reissue Fender Princeton Reverb - this should be a "must" for all new reissues!

Terry Whitford - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My ‘58 Fender Tweed Deluxe clone is a Beauty! Everyone who plugs into this amp wants one It sounds as sexy as it looks....

The attention to detail is incredible. Perfectly wired with era correct hardware, pride and integrity.

Steve always hits the mark..... thanks Steve.

Chad Neufeld - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bad Apple Amps offer me the perfect vintage sound and look that I love. Steve makes the best amps and clones around and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend Bad Apple Amps to any player that is looking to up their game & has a love for the vintage qualities everyone is looking for. 

Jory Kinjo - Calgary, AB

I love my Custom 50watt Bad Apple Steve built for me. Great crunch and super lively. As is, it is suitable for any style.. for me it responds really well to overdrive pedals in front for killer hard rock tone and grind.

Dan Jensen - Calgary, AB

I have had the pleasure of owning over 6 Bad Apple amplifiers now and have always been impressed with Steve's ability to take the original circuit and magically enhance it, giving it elevated sonic boundaries that I never knew were possible! Looking forward to my 7th Bad Apple! 

 Grant Rushton - Priddis, AB

I love praticing with my Bad Apple tube amp.   Jude - Age 12

Danny Sather - Nelson, BC, Canada

Bruce Cairns - Calgary, AB

Dave Temple - MCC Recording Studio - Calgary, AB

Cédrik O'Brien - Hull, QC, Canada

Frédéric David - Toulouse, France

My custom built LA2A compressor is a super well built piece of gear that get's used on almost every session. Tracking guitars, bass and vocals with this BAD Apple replica is a dream. As you can see from the picture it sits on top of my Tube Gear Rack. I highly recommend Bad Apple for top notch studio gear and very reasonable prices.

Claude Laforest - Vancouver, BC

I love my bad apple amp. Stephen is a magician at creating warm fluid tones with just enough edge to appeal to any guitarist. The vintage look of my amp makes it especially fun to gig with as it always becomes the topic of interest. Purchased in 2013, the amp has not let me down and still sounds the same as when I bought it. I received top notch service during the customization plus the same amount of hands on help as in the recording studio with Stephen. He's a total pro and extremely talented

Crystal Craven - London, England, UK

Been striving for old Rolling Stones tone for years, and this amp is the answer.  Whether I wanna bring out my inner "Keef", or I want to produce my own tone, this amp is versatile enough to nail both. Thank you Steve!   

Justin MacDonald - Calgary, Alberta

“My Bad Apple Applexi gives me all the perfect classic Plexi sounds I have been seeking out for decades.

Malcolm, Angus and Eddie all live in this box.”

Reed Shimozawa

Ex-Smash LA, Zuckerbaby, Todd Kerns’


"That Cadillac Black sound” as its  been described. We use Bad Apple Amps because they are the best amplifiers we’ve ever used!

They are tone monsters!

They move air they way an Amp should move air. The craftsmanship and attention to details are obvious in every amp. 

I have 2 Bad Apple amps pictured here, the "John" on the left (Vibrolux) and the "Layla" on the right (Champ). Stephen's devotion to authenticity borders on fanaticism. The quality of construction is first rate and tone is true to the original. I hate noise and hum in an amp so my first test was to set volume to maximum without any cable plugged in. Glorious silence. The pine cabinets contribute to a very light package so they are easy to take to a jam or recording session. No bells and whistles on these two beauties but you get authentic tone without having to re-mortgage your house.


Rob Christopher, Calgary, AB

I'd been dreaming of a handmade version of my favorite British guitar amplifier for years until I heard about Steve and his team at Bad Apple Amps.

Steve's attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and service is absolutely outstanding!

From delicate finger style, country, jazz, blues, hard rock and metal, the Silver Apple does it all in spades!

The responsive feel of how it reacts to my touch and my guitar's volume and tone controls, truly lets any guitar's character shine through with the clarity and dynamic punch that inspires me to always play my best!


Dany Bee-Calgary, Alberta


“The Bad Apple '64 Super Reverb is the quintessential amp for huge Texas Tone; I have found my voice.”


 “Authenticity and craftsmanship at it’s finest. The Bad Apple Applexi is a time capsule filled with vintage British tone.”


 ~ Adrian Omar, Canada


I've been playing guitar since the 60's and have used mostly Fender and Marshall amps of that era. I toured with my recording band Zero One and then moved on to blues and jazz projects.

Steve at Bad Apple amps has hand wired my amp and done his magical mods to my Princeton amp. Sounds more detailed and is as quiet as a mouse perfect for recording. In short the best sounding amp I've ever had. 

Steve's skill is amazing and I highly recommend his work and beautiful amps.



~ Keith Ross

Pickering, Ontario 

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Bad Apple?

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For years I wanted an amp with the blackface super reverb/Vibroluxe tone; of which I have fond memories, due to my guitar teacher Debbie Mann. I had the good fortune of playing through Stephen's "The Evangelos" amp, while shopping at Evangelos music in Medicine Hat. That amp sounded great and left a lasting impression on me. I contacted Stephen who kindly took the time to share his knowledge and to inform me regarding another amp of his. Eventually I had the opportunity to place an order for the 1964 Super Appleverb. Within seconds of turning the amp on and a quick adjustment of the tone stack, it was the tone I was looking for. It sounds fantastic at all volumes, with tremolo and reverb that is glorious! The cabinet and overall construction is masterful and without a flaw. This amp has optional reverb on channel 1 as well as a tremolo circuit removal switch; which, only adds to variety of juicy tones within the amp. Stephen's speaker choice was also spot on. I can without reservation recommend Bad Apple amplifiers.  


~Tyler Risling

Medicine Hat, Alberta


I demoed my Cropper at a couple of shows with my guitars in Sask this summer as well as the huge Guitar Show in Calgary this fall. Everyone was blown away by the amp! It is the best amp I've ever had in over 55 years of rocking and/or rolling and I love it... Thanks again for building and delivering my Cropper.

It was great meeting you!


Verne L. Guitars

Certain guitars and amplifiers have their own unique energy. 

It’s not something that you can easily explain, it’s just a feeling of connection.
The first time I played through one of Steve’s Bad Apple amplifiers (Appleluxe Reverb) I got that feeling.
Having now owned this amplifier for a number of years, that feeling hasn’t diminished. This is an amplifier that puts a smile on your face. It’s an amplifier that lets each guitar’s unique voice shine through.
If you are in the market for a boutique amplifier that is up there with the best try out a Bad Apple. You won’t be disappointed.

Ian Wellington
London, England, UK

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