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BA - 40


American Brown Series

Faithful Recreation of a Classic American Amp
Hand wired chassis - Built like the originals

Finger Jointed Pine (two-toned) Tolex Cabinet – Sized from an Original

Turret board circuit

Choice Cloth Wire colored in all the correct places
Vintage correct carbon composite 1-Watt resistors throughout
Mallory 150 Coupling Capacitors - Outer Foil Oriented

F&T Filter Capacitors

Handmade Tremolo Footswitch

Each Amp is Made one by one with Passion and Attention to Detail

  • 2 x 6V6GT Power Tubes

  • 5Y3 Rectified

  • 12AX7 Phase inverter

  • 2 x 5871 Pre Amp Tubes

  • 6SQ7 Oscillating tube

  • 12" Jensen ceramic speaker

  • American Made Transformers (Power – Reverb - Output)

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