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Shaun Verreault "Boom Box" - 

As a kid in the 80s, many of my big revelations as a new guitarist occurred with me sat in front of my tape deck, pressing rewind and play over and over to crack the code on something Jimi or Prince or Stevie Ray played.

Before I played with any band, I played along with my favourite records on cassette tape. Taped songs off the radio to learn them. Recorded my first forays into songwriting. It exploded my mind.

So, when I met Stephen Kambeitz who makes Bad Apple Amps, and he asked me if I ever had any ideas for a custom, signature amplifier, I said “as a matter of fact…”

After lots of discussion, ideas flying back and forth, ingenuity and creativity from Stephen, and a pandemic that delayed things by a couple years, we’re very happy to finally share this first look at the Bad Apple Amps / Shaun Verreault Boom Box prototype.

Videos and more about the circuit and tone and just what exactly a “standle” is to come…

Shaun Verreault
"Boom Box"
Artist Series
1x12 Combo
Winter Apple
1x12 Combo
The Evangelos
Matt Wagner
Memorial Amp
The James
Black Apple
Gilles Deluxe
Custom Apple
Rockett Apple

Made specifically for Shaun Verreault; best known as the singer/guitarist/songwriter for the band Wide Mouth Mason. The platinum-selling blues rockers have toured with AC/DC and played on multiple tours with both the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top.

Additional build specs & info to come....

Each Amp is Made one by one with Passion and Attention to Detail


  • Tube & Speaker info to follow...

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