18 Watt Combo


Based on the 1974x / Watkins Dominator

Hand wired chassis

Comes in 2 variations :  Standard 2 channel with Tremolo

                                           Modified 2 Channel (Treble/Middle/Bass) 

                                           with Master Volume

Hand made chassis
Black tolex with Gold accents and white piping 

Bluesbreaker style grillcloth
In House - Custom Made Plexi Faceplates (Front and Rear)

Carbon / Metal Film Resistors

JJ Filter Capacitors

Vishay 1813 Coupling Capacitors / Sprague Orange *Vintage Mullard (Upgrade)
1 year Warranty Minus Tubes
Each Amp is Made one by one with Passion and Attention to Detail


  • 2 x EL84 Power Tubes

  • Tube Rectified EZ81 / 5Y3

  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tube

  • Circuit 1974x / Modified TMB Master Volume

  • Pedal for tremolo Circuit*

  • American Made Transformers (Power - Output - Choke)

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