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Applexi - 100 Watt & Applexi MODIFIED


“My Bad Apple Applexi gives me all the perfect classic Plexi sounds I have been seeking out for decades. Malcolm, Angus and Eddie all live in this box.”
Reed Shimozawa

Based on the 100 Watt 12xxx Series

Housed in a large box plexi style head cab

Hand wired chassis
Black tolex with Gold accents 
In House - Custom Made Plexi Faceplates - controls go to "11"

Features "Punch" and "Dirt" switch

Carbon / Metal Film Resistors

JJ Filter Capacitors

Vishay 1813 Coupling Capacitors / *Vintage Mullard (Upgrade)

Addded PPIMV (Post phase inverter master volume) 
1 year Warranty Minus Tubes
Each Amp is Made one by one with Passion and Attention to Detail


  • 4 x EL34 Power Tubes

  • Solid State Rectified

  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tube

  • Circuit 1959

  • Passive or Active Effects Loop

  • Switchable Output Impedance

  • American Made Transformers (Power - Output - Choke)

Silver Apple
50 Watt
Jubilee Style
Applexi SERIES
100 Watt
12xxx Series
Apple 50 S
50 Watt
1987 Style
Apple 50
Master Volume
2204 Style
Apple 100
Master Volume
2203 Style
Apple 45
Authentic replica
Apple 50 Offset
1987 Style
Apple 50 Offset Hot Rod
2204 Style
18 Watt
1974x Style
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